South Huntington Union Free School District

Monday, October 7, 2019

Vision 2020 is a transformational, districtwide initiative. The projects proposed in this bond referendum, if approved by the community, will transform South Huntington into the region’s bellwether district. The academic enhancements proposed will heighten the District’s ability to deliver fully integrated, cross-curricula studies and heighten student college and career readiness. Our students will have the best learning tools; school buildings offering forward-thinking designed classrooms; STREAM labs (Science-Technology-Research-Engineering-Arts-Math) that expand upon our library media centers; cutting-edge science labs; innovative music, art, and performing arts studios and theatres; and scalable technology infrastructure to meet today’s and tomorrow’s technology demands. The bond plan also includes 13 new turf fields that will meet current and future District needs, as well as increasing opportunities for community use.   

The Vision 2020 bond proposes major security and safety enhancements, including security vestibules, cameras in buses, classroom doors with automatic door locks and upgraded fire alarm and PA systems. Infrastructure needs are also addressed, with projects proposed that will upgrade the District’s physical plant, addressing outdated equipment and systems that have reached or exceeded their life expectancy. 

Developing the Vision 2020 plan was developed over the past 18-20 months through an open and collaborative process involving all segments of the South Huntington community and the District. Input was provided by the District’s facilities committee; individual building committees comprised of administrators, teachers and parents; and the District’s engineering and architectural consultants, H2M Architects and Engineers. During this process, presentations were also made at numerous Board meetings, where community reaction and input was provided to the Board. Based on the totality of input from these numerous sources, the Board mapped out the final bond plan that is being presented to the community for a vote on October 7, 2019.

At its core, Vision 2020 is about transforming the educational opportunities for South Huntington students for generations to come. It is future-focused, looking to provide all South Huntington students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as leaders of tomorrow in careers not yet imagined. Vision 2020 is about creating pathways for our children to thrive intellectually and emotionally, becoming global citizens, as well as local citizens, global leaders and local leaders.  Vision 2020 is about the future of the South Huntington community, creating a solid foundation for our children today and the generations that will follow.   

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